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Does my husband has to wait the whole 10 years before he can come back to the United States?  He already has been out of the United States for six years in Mexico.  We need him home.  Is there any way I can get him back to the USA?  He left in February of 2004.

In answering your question, I am assuming that your husband was deported for being in the U.S. illegally or engaging in a serious criminal activity. There is no way to get the 10 year ban lifted. He must await the expiration of the 10 years and then re-apply.

I have been here for almost a year an a half an I would like to apply for asylum! If not granted asylum would I be deported?  I can be persecuted in my country because of m religious and political beliefs!

You must apply for asylum within one year of the date of your last arrival in the United States, unless you can show:

  • Changed circumstances that materially affect your eligibility for asylum or extraordinary circumstances relating to the delay in filing
  • You filed within a reasonable amount of time given those circumstances.

Since you are currently in the U.S., and you can make the case for changed circumstances that explains your failure to file within a year of your arrival,  you may apply for asylum.  Because you are not in deportation (removal) proceedings, you will file your application for asylum by mail at a USCIS regional service center. The form that you must file is Form I-589. It will be reviewed to see if there is any legal reason why your application should be denied—you may have a serious criminal conviction or there is evidence that you have persecuted others. If there is such evidence, you will quickly find yourself in deportation (removal) proceedings. If you pass this initial review, a biometrics appointment will be scheduled so that your fingerprints can be taken. Your fingerprints will be used to search for criminal and immigration records.

Assuming you pass this second review, an interview will be scheduled so that you can describe the persecution that you experienced, or the reasons that you think that you will be persecuted if you return to your home country. You have not told us how you happen to be in the U.S. If you are here lawfully on a valid visa, you may be allowed to stay until you visa expires. If your application for asylum is denied, the more common result is to receive a Notice to Appear, which is the first step in the deportation process. Requesting asylum can be a complicated issue, particularly depending on the country from which you are coming. I would recommend that you seek the services of a competent lawyer before seeking asylum. If you have more questions, you can email me at

Can your application for Naturalization to become a U.S. citizen be denied if you owe back taxes?

Yes, you can be denied citizenship for not paying back taxes.  You can obtain citizenship if you file the back tax return and enter into a payment arrangement with the IRS.  According to the Document Checklist (Form M-477, page 2) for the Naturalization Application:

If you have any federal, state or local taxes that are overdue, send:

  • A signed agreement from the IRS or state or local tax office showing that you have filed a tax return and arranged to pay the taxes you owe; and
  • Documentation from the IRS or state or local tax office showing the current status of your repayment program.

NOTE: You may obtain copies of tax documents and tax information by contacting your local IRS offices, using the Blue Pages of your telephone directory, or through its website at

As an Athletic Trainer Certified (ATC) can I get a visa from the actual L2 that I have right now? What will be the steps?

What type of visa do you want?  There are basically two types of visas for which you can apply. There are nonimmigrant visas, which come with a right to work or study, and immigrant visas, which allows you to establish permanent residence in the U.S. and obtain a green card.

For nonimmigrant visas, you must have a U.S. employer. Given your occupation and citizenship, there are two visas for which you may be eligible:  H-1B and TN.  To qualify for these visas, in addition to having a job offer from a U.S. employer, you must have a bachelor’s degree or substantial on-the-job experience that is equivalent to the degree.  For specialized occupations like yours, USCIS looks for at least three years of specialized training.

Since you are a Canadian resident, you could also seek a TN non-immigrnat visa.  Since you are already in the U.S., you coud seek to adjust your status.  Your employer must apply to the USCIS on Form I-129.  You must provide the following:  evidence of Canadian citizenship (passport, birth certificate, or citizen identification card); a job offer letter that describes the job that you will have, including daily job duties; and evidence of your qualifications to do the work (degrees, licenses, certificates, etc.).

Since you already have an L-2 visa, you could also seek to adjust your status to that a permanent resident.  You must fall into one of the eligible categories: spouse or sibling of a U.S. citizen; spouse of a permanent legal resident; winner of the diversity lottery, etc.  For a complete list, go to

I hope this helps.  God bless you.

My wife got an L-1B visa recently.  I did not apply for L-2 at that time, as I wanted to stay back.  Our plans have now changed and I wish to travel with her as a dependent.  She would most probably travel to US in Sept ’10.  Can I apply for a L-2 visa before she leaves for the US?  (The question is arising because I read somewhere that a copy the L-1 holder’s i-94 is one of the docs that needs to be submitted while applying for L-2)

You may apply for an L-2 before she leaves but you are not likely to get your L-2 visa approved before she leaves.  By law, you are supposed to receive your L-2 Employment Authorization within 90 days.  Depending on the country in which you file, the wait can be much longer.

To apply for an L-2 visa, I do not see a requirement that you submit a copy of your spouse’s I-94.  You will need to supply, along with the applicable filing fees, the following documents at the US Embassy that serves your country:

  1. Completed visa application: Form DS-156
  2. Original and valid passport
  3. 2 recent color photographs that are 2” x 2” and full-face view
  4. A copy of your marriage certificate
  5. Several (at least 4) pictures at your wedding that clearly identify you and your spouse
  6. A copy of your spouse’s L-1 approval
  7. A copy of your spouse’s employment verification letter

I hope this helps.

Both my father (73 ys old) and I are US citizens. My sister is in Ukraine. Would it be better for me or my dad to petition her?

I see that going through my dad is first preference and I am fourth. Is it true that through my dad she could come while her case is pending? Our concern is our father’s health. What would happen if he petitions for her and, she comes here, but before she gets her green card, he passes away?

How old is your sister?  If she is under 21 then your father can petition for her as an immediate relative.  Otherwise, you are quite right, petitioning through your father is first preference and you are fourth preference.  Is your sister married?  If she is married, she no longer qualifies as an “Unmarried Son or Daughter of a U.S. Citizen” and becomes a “Married Son or Daughter of a U.S. Citizen.” This change in categories may result in a significant delay in her immigrant visa becoming available.

The best strategy in your sister’s case is for BOTH of you to file I-130s sponsoring her.  There is nothing that prevents joint sponsors from filing visa petitions for her and it ensures that, in the event of someone’s death, she does not lose her place in a line.

There is a huge disparity in the waiting times for first and fourth preferences.  The waiting time for first preference is about 5 years and fourth preference is about ten years.  If you sister marries, she converts to third preference and the wait is eight years.  You can check on the average waiting times here:

Also, the Family Sponsor Immigration Act does have provisions which permit a substitute sponsor to take the place of the decedent as sponsor.  The Act, however, requires a showing of hardship and it is not something that I would want to rely on in being able to substitute you for your father.

Application to Replace Permanent Resident Card

My current green card shows my maiden name but I want to change that to my married name. In part 1 under Family Name do I put my maiden name or my married name?

You put your new married name under  the family name.  Lines 2 and 3 will explain your new marriage.  On line 2, select yes.  On line 3, enter your old name, just the way it appeared on your last green card.  You must submit a copy of your marriage certificate.  For more information, see .

I’ve had my green card for over 20 years and its about to expire in September 2010.  Should I renew it, or can I file to become a US citizen and wait and not renew it?  And, can I hire lawyer to speed the process, since my green card is about to expire?

The naturalization application, Form N-400, takes about 5 months to process, whether you use a lawyer or not.  Using a competent lawyer will usually ensure that there are not any procedural delays because of an incomplete or incorrectly completed application.  If you can afford an immigration attorney, I would use one.

Interestingly, it may even longer to renew your green card.  You will not lose your permanent resident status if you do not renew your green card. You will need to renew your expiring green card, however,  to maintain evidence of your permanent resident status and avoid possible difficulties in obtaining employment, benefits and re-entry into the United States after traveling abroad.

The good news is that, when you apply to renew your green card in person, if you bring your current passport (or  an additional passport photograph if you  don’t have a passport) a temporary document (a stamped Form I-94 with photograph) can be created and issued to you immediately. This document serves a proof of your status for one year.

In sum, you will have to renew your green card either way.  Start now!

God bless you.

My nephews are derivative beneficiaries of an I-130 I filed for my brother. Visas have become available for them. They all have been here since Dec 6, 2000. My brother is now married to a US citizen. My nephews are now 19 and 20, can they adjust their status from the previous I-130 or do they have to wait for my brother to be able to petition them?

If the visa becomes available while the nephews are unmarried and under 21, they qualify for the visas. What happened to your brother?  Did he obtain his permanent residency through his US spouse or through you?  His US spouse can only apply for permanent residency for his sons ( your nephews) as immediate relatives if your brother married before your nephews’ 18th birthday.

Would anxiety and having phobias be considered mental illness?

It depends on the severity.  The grounds for inadmissibility involves persons with physical or mental disorders that threaten their own safety or the property, welfare, or safety of others.  If your anxieties and phobias are not dangerous and will not harm yourself or others, I wouldn’t worry about it.  Also, there are waivers available based on the nature of the disorder.  If there is more behind your question, please elaborate your specific concerns.

I have been living in the United States since I was 8 yrs old. I’m now 30 and  married to a United States citizen.  How can I become a United States citizen?

Becoming a US citizen is a two step process.  First, you must get a green card.  Since your spouse is a US citizen, you are an immediate relative and the process  is relatively easy.  Your spouse files an I-130.  You can find a copy of the form and detailed instructions at  If you have been married for less than two years at the time your sdpouse files the I-130 visa petition, the green card will be issued conditionally.  These conditional green cards only last 2 years.  After  two years, you must apply to have the condition removed.

Second, once you have your green cardfor 3 years, you can then apply to become a US citizen.  The process is called “naturalization.”  To be eligible for naturalization you must:

  • Be 18 or older
  • Be a permanent resident (green card holder) for at least 3 years immediately preceding the date of filing Form N-400, Application for Naturalization
  • Have lived with your U.S. citizen spouse, who has been a U.S. citizen during all of such period, during the 3 years immediately preceding the date of filing the application and up until examination on the application
  • Have lived within the state, or USCIS district with jurisdiction over the applicant’s place of residence, for at least 3 months prior to the date of  filing the application
  • Have continuous residence in the United States as a lawful permanent resident for at least 3 years immediately preceding the date of filing the application
  • Reside continuously within the United States from the date of application for naturalization until the time of naturalization
  • Be physically present in the United States for at least 18 months out of the 3 years immediately preceding the date of filing the application
  • Be able to read, write, and speak English and, through a test, demonstrate knowledge and an understanding of U.S. history and government (civics)
  • Be a person of good moral character, attached to the principles of the Constitution of the United States, and well disposed to the good order and happiness of the United States during  all relevant periods under the law

That’s basically the process.  There are also different requirements if your spouse works for the US government abroad.

What do I, a U.S citizen have to provide for my relative (in India) to obtain a tourist visa? It looks like Consulate doesn’t want anything? Their website specifically states that they will not look at affidavits, financial information, letters of support etc, so why do people provide those, if the Consulate does not look at them?

Your relative should seek a B-2 visa, which is used for tourists and those seeking medical treatment in the US.  Your relative must convince the consulate that once he arrives in the US that he will not seek employment or go on public welfare.  That is where you can help.  You can sign an I-134, Affidavit of Support, which tells the US Government that you can support your relative while he is in the US.  Also, you can send a letter to your relative, confirming that he can stay with you for as long as he is in the US.  These two items, the invitation letter and the Form I-134, should be included your relative’s visa application.

I am very surprised that the consulate does not want affidavits of support.  Can you give me a link to the website on which you read that?

My I-130 petition was approved and I am waiting for my visa #. My current student status is about to expire. Do I have to leave US?  My I-130 is as unmarried child of a permanent resident filed in 2005.

Having an approved I-130 does not give you a right to live in the Unites States.  After having your I-130 approved, you must apply to adjust your status, i.e. get a green card. Since you are already in the U.S., you can adjust your status only if you are in the U.S. legally—on an unexpired visa.

If you are an immediate relative–that is, you are unmarried, under 21 and a child of at least one American citizen—you do not have to worry whether your visa has expired.  As long as you entered the U.S. legally, you can apply to have your status adjusted.  If you are not an immediate relative, you must file for your adjustment of status before your visa expires.

You stated in your question that your Form I-130 has been approved and that you are “waiting for a visa #”.  Does that mean that you have already filed to adjust your status?  If that is so, that’s great! That means that you sought to change your status while on a current visa.   Otherwise, you need to apply to adjust your status.  If your Priority Date ( the date on which you can apply for a green card) has not yet come up and your F-1 visa is about to expire, you should consult an immigration lawyer immediately- telling him or her your specific facts.  When your F-1 visa expires; copy of your I-797 Approval Notice; etc.

I heard that the new immigration law says that you do not have to be interviewed to renew your F1 visa. How does it work? And, how can I renew my F1 visa?

I am not aware of a change in the immigration law that would allow you to skip the F-1 visa renewal interview.  You may be confusing two different renewals.  There is something called automatic visa revalidation.  Automatic visa revalidation allows most F-1 students to take a trip of less than thirty days to countries contiguous to the United States and reenter on an expired visa provided you have proper documentation and have not applied for a new visa during the visit. This process revalidates your visa (making it eligible for the single trip back to the United States), but does not renew it.

If your F-1 visa has expired or is about to expire, there is no need to worry.  You can stay in the U.S. with an expired F-1 visa as long as you are student in good standing and have not violated the terms of your status.

There are some good reasons to renew an expired F-1 visa.  For example, you may want or need to travel outside the United States.  You cannot re-enter the United States on an expired visa (except in the limited automatic visa revalidation manner discussed above.)  Also, if you entered the United States under a different visa status and changed your visa status to F-1 while in the United States – you will also need to apply for an F-1 visa if you leave the U.S.

You cannot renew an F-1 visa while in the United States.  You must do so at a United States embassy or consulate.  Although the Department of State encourages you to apply in your home country, you may apply at another U.S. embassy or consulate.  Before you travel to an embassy or consulate that is not in your home country, contact that embassy or consulate and confirm the procedures for renewing your F-1 visa. Inform them of your country of citizenship, and ask them whether they will accept and consider your application and approximately how long it will take for the visa to be issued, if approved.

It may be more difficult to obtain a visa from a U.S. Consulate which is not located in your country of citizenship or lawful permanent residence.  You cannot re-enter the U.S. until your visa renewal is approved.  If the visa is denied, you will not be able to return to the United States as a student.

Click here to find out how long it will take to get a visa application appointment at a U.S. Consulate.

If you are going to leave the country to renew your F-1 visa, there are some steps you need to take before you leave.

  • SEVIS I-20 – Check the front of your I-20 to make sure your major, and source of funding are correct. If you need a new I-20 you will need to provide updated proof of financial support.
  • PASSPORT – If traveling outside the U.S. your passport must be valid at least 6 months into the future upon your return to the U.S. Passport may be renewed at your country’s embassy in the United States, or in your home country.
  • LETTER FROM YOUR FOREIGN STUDENT ADVISOR – A letter from your international student advisor certifying that you are an international student at your school and are maintaining status.
  • TRANSCRIPT – Bring a copy of your transcript to prove that you have been maintaining your status and making academic progress. Also, bring with you a copy of your current semester schedule, with proof from the your financial office that you have paid your bill.
  • FINANCIAL DOCUMENTATION –Updated documented proof of financial support from the sponsor that appears on your I-20, particularly if the documentation is from more than a year ago.

You should start the visa process as soon as possible upon your arrival back in your home country or the country in which you will apply for the renewal. Keep in mind that the holiday periods (Christmas/New Year) and summer vacation are very busy times at visa issuing posts. In addition, security checks on visa applicants may further delay the issuance of visas.

I hope this helps.

I have a question. I’m in H4 visa status now. Can I work outside USA? May be in London, India or anywhere in the world except USA?

If that’s not the case, can I work for for-profit organization for FREE?

The H-4 visa is issued to accompanying family members (spouse and children under the age of 21) of H-1 and H-3 visa holders. The H4 visa holders may reside in the United States as long as the H visa holders maintain their legal status.  Under the rules of the H-4 visa, you cannot be employed while in the U.S.  You can do volunteer work while in the U.S., provided that it is clearly not an employer-employee relationship and the work is not done in anticipation that you will be hired in the future based upon your current work.  To cover yourself, get a letter from the company or organization confirming your volunteer status.

Under an H-4 visa there are no travel restrictions.  So, if you wanted to travel to London or India you could.  But, since you are a temporary resident of the US, any money that you earned there, even on a very short-term basis, could be considered income for US purposes, thereby violating the restrictions on the H-4 visa.  You could volunteer overseas under the same arrangement that I mentioned earlier–getting a letter confirming your volunteer status.

Does this answer your question?


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  1. george says:

    i am a spouse of a us citizen and have been to my first interview at the us embassy from which i have been ask to bring along my spouses IRS tax transcript for 2009 and spouse has dependents and i want to no if i can still send the tax transcript to the embassy for my visa to be issued to me.

    • visapetition says:

      I assume that you are in the process of adjusting your status through your spouse. Your spouse must demonstrate that he can support you. One of the requirements is that he must file his last two income tax returns. You want to be sure that his income will support you and his dependents. After calculating the number of dependents, you can go to this table,, to see if he makes enough on his own to support you and his family. I would be happy to discuss this with you in more detail. Please email me or call me at (830) 491-8556,

    • Irma says:

      I’m getting married somebody from the united kingdom once we’re married can he go back to his country to get his son or does he has to wait?

  2. monica says:

    I am thinking about becoming a U.S. citizen in two years when I become eligible (after the five years of residing here), and this will happen in 2013. My question is that I recently got married and I was wondering if I had to change my maiden name on my green card right now or can I wait until I apply for citizenship to do so?

  3. magshighlander says:

    i am going to change my passport back to my maiden name, i was deported in my married name from usa and i was wondering if the port of entry will recognise this new name and new passport? i am from uk and so badly miss my boyfreind who i love unconditionally and want to be back with, or would it be best for me to fly to canada and get a train from there to usa on this new name or just fly direct to usa. ty for any answer and i enjoy reading ur site, alot of grt question have been answered so i hope you can answer mines, ty have a grt day.

  4. jason says:

    My fiance’s mother has an expired visa, she was married but her exhusband was never legal, she has been in us.for over 20 yrs, she was denied her permanent visa due to her ex husband being arrested an charged with a crime whom she took no part of an was never arrested or been in trouble,she has 3 kids 26,27,16-all who were born in the us, how can she become legal soon so she does not have to leave the us?????

    • Jose says:

      Hey Jason,
      I’m (we/my mother are/is) in the same situation as your fiance’s mother. I would appreciate any input on how your case went. My mother is still married to my father, however she is not in the US, my question is regarding what role does my father’s record plays on my mother’s ability to obtain a visa or permanent residency.


    • yajaira lopez says:

      I have a question … ?? My husband been approve to stay in the USA . A year and a half ago . We been contacting the lawyer in those months . As the time has gone by His lawyers dont know wats going on . They said that immigration hasnt been contacting them back their emails.. I called USCIS and they say that my husband case is no longer in immigration files.. That the state has it .. The person i talked to on the phone said to go pay $405. And apply for an application which she told me to contact. The site travel .. I been in their page theres no contact number ..i need answers and whats going on … His lawyer dosnt know and we keep calling and sometimes no answer other times they dont know let me check again … Shes been paid off . pliz if u can help me

  5. moni says:

    if i am applying for a i130 for my spouse would the fact that i owe the irs cause the uscis to deny my not concerned about the sponsoring aspect

  6. Yadira morales says:

    My aunt just received her visa and we took her to the hospital because of high blood pressure.she has kidney failure and might need dialysis.she is 55. IF I GET HER THE GOLD CARD WILL.THAT AFFECT Her BEING able to renew her visa

  7. huzeay says:

    i was denied asylum status and currently on removal proceeding but already married two months ago, can i still apply for greencard

    • visapetition says:

      If you married an American citizen, you can apply to adjust your status. Be aware, however, that the validity of your marriage will be scrutinized because of your deportation proceeding. I would retain an experienced immigration lawyer to handle it. Where do you live?

      • huzeay says:

        yea am married to American citizen, she is a PHD student. i used to live in Philadelphia but now we move to Maryland living together.

  8. Abi-SIN says:

    Hi! Have a question. My brother gets in US through asylum case. He’s been there now legally for almost 3yrs. I just applied for b2 visa and got rejected. The consul asked me about him as to how did he get there, etc. After that, she told me that the government is very strict & she can’t give me a visa right now. I also realized that before I was called for interview, my passport w/application form was not given back to me after the finger printing,which is odd. My question is, does my visa denial has something to do with my brother’s case? Since he got there by asylum ? I have a very strong feeling that it has, i just wanna know the reason why. Btw, he is staying there legally and now allowed to process his green card.
    Hope you can help me.

    Many Thanks!

  9. I have been living wit my commonlaw husband for two and a half years,can i apply for his green card or permanent residency without him having to go back to mexico?? Please help

  10. Amin says:

    I’m going to enter USA as a tourist with my wife with a valid passport and visa.
    I want to know that can we apply for asylum or stay as refugees?

  11. says:

    Hu. I’m under a h3 visa expired 6 years ago. My brother holding a greencard by marriage and a US passport. He wants to sponsor me. What r my chances?

  12. c allens says:

    what if your husband abondant your marriage& was using you for greencard how can you go about this what action can you take

  13. Pao says:

    I am going to apply for my US citizenship, but I did not want to change my last name in my first green card, I did the petition in my second green card, but I did not got the last name change. Know, my husband want me to change the last name, but I am not sure what is the process for it. I am going to apply to obtain my citizenship soon, so I am not sure if I must change my last name in this process or I should do this last name change process separately. Also, I am not sure if is better to add my husband last name and keep my Latin last name. I am not sure if having a Latin last name is favorable regardless benefits for being part of minor community. Thanks

    • visapetition says:

      This is a personal decision for you. As part of the naturalization process, you have the opportunity to change your name and have it approved by a judge. You can always change your legal name later but you will have to apply before a judge in your local jurisdiction and pay an additional fee. Regardless of your last name, you determine your ethnic background. It should not affect your eligibility for any benefits.

  14. Alonzo says:

    I married last year and am petitioning my husband for permanent residency. I legally took his name, but I want to use my maiden name back for the sole purpose of keeping my identity. Will this affect the petition?

  15. Susan Wright says:

    Hello,This is an immigration issue; my mother filed for me in 2004 as a single unwed relative (daughter). Subsequently in 2007 I was married, my status was then updated with USCIS. Unfortunately, in Dec. 2012 my husband and I separated.1) Would it be best for me to file for a legal separation and wait for my priority date to come up as a married person?2) Or, should I file for divorce? However, if I file for divorce will USCIS recognize my 2004 priority date or will my paperwork have to be refiled as a single person all over again?
    Thank you,Susan Wright

  16. vanesa says:

    im a citizen of the USA and, my mother was deported because of a federal felony, is there any way i could bring her back to the USA.

  17. amy says:

    Yes I had a question if you can send me email my husband got approved for volenter to go to Mexico how long does he have stay there can he come back faster if I got asmah depression and anxiety 3 kids and no job?

    • visapetition says:

      I need more information to answer your question. What does your husband do? Is he an American citizen? Is he being deported?

    • Sol Rivera says:

      I am citizen, my illegal husband was deported in 1999 and returned illegally again. Is he eligible for green card since this was in 1999? I am Disabled n reciving benefits from Social Security(2010)and my prior Employer(1998).Would this be considered a Hardship?

  18. Yohannes says:

    My brother got his citizenship from asylum. I heard that to he can ask for a petition for me so I can come to US, but it take years for approval. So, how about if he come to my country (Indonesia) and go to us consulate with me then tell the consulate that he wants to invite me to go us. Is that gonna help me get a visa? FYI, he got his visa years ago through the same way. But the us citizen that invited him was not from asylum status. Thanks.

  19. swthi says:

    i need some information
    my husband is on supervision(case), then im thinking to go to india,but my stamping is going to finish. The problem is when i want return back to USa on dependent visa, then i should go visa stamping. So, do i get the chance to come USa again, does they give vissa stamping???

  20. Myra says:

    My husband and I were divorced and as a result he was deported for illegal stay of his visa. May I asked for I-129 as we want to remarry….can he still come back if there is a 10 year ban for the 6 month visa for fiancée? I know if were my husband I could file a waiver proving that I need him back here – because it would be hardship for me to go where he is….any answers?

  21. April says:

    I have h1b visa, extended until 2014 but with economy I’m not sure if employer will petition us. But I have an approved I130 family petition, if in case employer will not petition, or petition will be denied what will I do?

  22. cynthia says:

    Yes, my husband was told he could not enter the US until the ten years where up ! So that would be in 2/14 so i was wondering what are they going to ask for once that time is up ?

  23. Joel says:

    My father got deported back to Zimbabwe in 1994 b/c his student Visa expired? How would he be able to come back to the United States? His name is On my birth certificate

  24. Hello all, here every person is sharing these kinds of experience, so it’s nice to read this web site, and I used to pay a quick visit this web site every day.

  25. mary says:

    my mentally ill brother has lost his green card, how can i get another one for him if possible with limited cost? thank you

  26. Derek says:

    I met my wife in the United States while she was going through asylum proceedings. There was some question as to the consistency of testimony over the course of 4 years, involving convoluted document translations. Eventually, while we were dating, she requested to leave voluntarily to go back and support ailing family and her son. I married her in her own country this year. I am a US citizen. We have vacation photos, wedding photos and evidence of my two trips to her country, western union transfers, etc. Even with an experienced immigration attorney, how difficult is this going to be to legally bring my wife back to the United States so we can get on with our life?

  27. magdalena says:

    is the mother with expired visa living in usa giving birth in usa can be deported???

  28. Sameera says:

    Is there a way I can delay my spouse’s unconditional green card? or citizenship? is there a way my spouse can stay on the unconditional GC for more than 2 years?

  29. ozzy says:

    ive taken the constitution test in high school now Im about to become a u.s. citizen do I have to take the constitution test again even if I taken it in high school??

  30. Nahom says:

    Dear Sir, I am planning to study my MSc in US. I have got my I-20. My question is, can my F1 VISA be issued with pending I-130? My brother who is a US citizen have filled an I-130 form for me 4 months ago. But since a petition filled by brother can take about 12 years, does that mean i can’t enter to US to study? Do you think my brother should withdraw the I-130 form and if yes, how long does it take? i will attend us embassy for an interview after a month. Please help me, Thank you so much.

  31. Wendy says:

    I have a friend who came to the US back in 2001 with her 8 year old from the Ukraine. They legally came into the US the mother meet a man in West Virgina online that brought them back to the US. I do not know all of the details.( I do know they came here because father was part of the Russian Mob so for safety reasons) Anyway I do believe they are here now on expired visa due to moms lack of how things worked. The son is now 20 only really remembers living here in the US. Awesome upstanding kid. Mom is great to. They are no longer in West Virgina now in Cincinnati Ohio. Guy they came here with abandoned them. The son would very much love to go to college become a Nurse Practitioner get a drivers licenses and all the things a young man does. These people are hiding and afraid! So now what do they do? Is it hopeless? Is the son responsible for his mothers lack of knowledge????

  32. Belinda says:

    My husband was deported in 2011 we are now married less than a yr and have 2 kids together I wanted to know if I can petition for him from our marriages how can he get a visa to come to USA

  33. Belinda says:

    My husband of less than a year was deported Nov 2011 we have 2. kids together and want to know if I can petition for him

  34. samantha says:

    My husband was arrested back in july 2011, and got out of the detention center in september, he currently has a master hearing at the end of October and every person we talk to says that he needs to be in good standing, we have to file paperwork for him to be in good standing, but no one will tell me what we have to do. October 1st will be our year being married and our son just turned 2, and I am a us citizen. What do I need to do??!!

  35. DD says:

    hello. i am from turkey. my mother plans to get married before my visa interview. and her last name will change. in my visa forms and birth certificate shows her ex last name, but in my new birth certificate it will show her new last name. i wonder is it going to be a problem when i go to my interview?

  36. Evbakhavbokun agbonze says:

    Gdday sir,my dad his resident alien of US,he is dead since 2000 and is assets,money and other benefits are in US and his children are in Nigeria, how can the children relocate to America

  37. Hi, I have lived in the US with H4 status since May 2008, then came back to Russia in 2011, and back to the US in September 2012 again, but with F-1 status. I divorced my ex-husband, who stayed in Russia, in May 2013, and got married to USC in July 2013. I’m going to continue my study at UCLA for at least 2 quarters or longer. Should I apply for EAD with my I-485 now if I DO NOT WANT to lose my current F-1 status in case my I-485 is denied? Might EAD be a reason that I’ll lose my F-1 status, and should I wait with it until my GC will be approved? Our income is another issue. My husband has about $34,000 current annual income and free apt, but he showed just $5,000 gross income in his 2012 tax return, $17,000 in 2011, and $19,000 in 2010. My own annual income is $15,000 from renting my Moscow apt. Might there be any issue with our income? We have no sponsor. The attorney says that we have to find a co-sponsor because of my husband’s low income for 3 past years, USCIS does not care about my property and my own income abroad, and that I’ll lose my F-1 status and should leave the US if my I-485 is denied. But I don’t really trust his opinion and looking for another one. Thank you very much for your time 😉

  38. amelia says:

    I been Legally married for 7 years to my undocumented husban and haven’t started any paper work we have four kids and want to know does he have to leave the usa to apply for a green card.

  39. mona says:

    hi.I am a refugee. Now it is time for me to apply for citizenship., But I went to my country for 1 time, You know what happens?

  40. アグ シューズ ニューエラ la

  41. Ester says:

    My husband was deported while in the process of his court hearing, we applied for residence and it was approved. However, the Judge ordered deportation and he left for 5 years. Does he has to reapply for residency after he serves his 5 years of deportation? Or what is the process? We never received notice that his residency was withdrawn so I assume it is still valid except on hold while he serves his 5 year deportation sentence. Is this correct?

  42. conan jones says:

    Can asylum be applied for if the applicant had visited the us then re-enters then apply for asylum on ones second entrance?2 if one applies for asylum but when the visa was granted in the country of birth the person wasn’t telling the truth about their occupation.What will be done in this regard?

  43. Miriam says:

    I’m 18 years old and I would like to know if it can affect me or the process of getting my citizenship degree if I don’t live with my mom anymore? Right now I’m a resident and my mom is the one who is claiming me to be a citizen. We have our differences and I plan to get my own place but I’m scared that it would affect the process. Immigration told us that we are just appealing to get the certificate because they say I’m already a citizen but immigration has to approve it. Can it affect me I move out of my moms house?

  44. Erika Rojas says:

    My husband had his visa interview last week in ciudad juarez and they gave him 10 years. I am a us citizen. We have 1 child in common and he has raised my 2 other children for 7 years. Is there anything I can do to reduce his time. Or have him come back.

  45. aswini says:

    Hi I am from India and I have applied for masters in the US for this spring. My sister is a legal permanent resident in will this effect my visa decision in anyway?

  46. Brett says:

    Hi my name is Brett I have a question my fiancé is applying for a visitors visa to come to the US we have a kid who my birth is given US nationally Iam a US soldier is their any reason why they would denie her the visitors visa to the US being that she has a son that has a birth certificate abroad

  47. valeria says:

    Hi my mom just got her visa she wants to come to california but she has a liver desease is there any way she can do her dyalisis during the time she is her ?

  48. I, including my son and brother, are new immigrants under an affidavit of support from my brother-in-law and there was stipulations that we can’t get any kind of government financial assistance unless we’ve been here for 10 years. I wanted to know what are the government assistance that we can’t really apply for, like the Gold Card of Texas or Federal Pell Grant. Is it possible for me to be able to get a list of the programs we can’t really apply for?

  49. Ghasem says:

    Hi, I have a question regarding asylum seeking individual. I came to US two years ago with F1 visa and I’m graduating with my masters in coming May. I want to apply as an asylum to get a green card/PR and stay in US. So the question is which one is better to do first? Apply for EAD card and then file the application for asylum OR vis a vis? I read somewhere that I would not be able to apply for work authorization once I filed an application for asylum. Is that true? Do you know how long the process will take for my case?

    • visapetition says:

      Your question raises some interesting issues. First, filing an application for asylum should have been done in the firdt year that you were in the US. However, you may qualify for an exception if you show changed circumstances materially affecting your asylum eligibility for asylum or extraordinary circumstances relating to your delay in filing. You must still file your application within a reasonable time under the circumstances to be eligible for an exception.
      Changed circumstances may include but are not limited to:

      — Changes in conditions in your country of nationality or, if you are stateless, your country of last habitual residence
      — Changes in your circumstances that materially affect your eligibility for asylum, including changes in applicable U.S. law and activities you become involved in outside the country of feared persecution that place you at risk

      Extraordinary circumstances may include but are not limited to:·

      Serious illness or mental or physical disability, including any effects of persecution or violent harm suffered in the past, during the 1-year period after your arrival in the U.S.
      Legal disability, such as your status as an unaccompanied minor or you suffered from a mental impairment, during the 1-year period after your arrival in the U.S.

      Do you have the opportunity to do Optional Practical Training (OPT)? OPT is temporary employment directly related to a student’s field of study. During OPT, a student remains in F-1 status. The end result of the OPT request process is an Employment Authorization Document (EAD). If you are eligible, I would do that first.

      Then, if you marry an American citizen or get a job in the US you could apply for a green car through your spouse or American employer.

  50. Andres says:

    I was deported with my family from the US in 2008. Prior to that we lived in the U.S for 7 years. When first arrived in 2002 we applied for assylum, which was denied every year but we kept appealing everytime. On our last attempt it was denied once and for all, we were told to leave the U.S voluntarily. My parents decided to stay and I was a minor, later my dad was arrested at work and a few months later were on out way to Colombia.

    It’s been nearly 6 years since we were deported, and a couple of weeks ago I applied for a B1,B2 visa. It was not issued, and while I spoke with the consulate he said that unlike my parents I was not Ineligible to apply. However, that he couldn’t issue the visa. They visa then because he would have to contact Washington about my case, in order for them to remove that. Also he said I had to wait a 90 days because my application would go under administrative proccesing.

    I’m curios as to what he was seeing on my application, because I was straight up honest and told things as they happened. But I’m starting to think that I was never on “the system” at all and had I not written what I did it could have turned out differently? Because he seemed lost as to what to tell me, he had to get up and speak to other people as of he didn’t know what do to.

    Insight would help a lot

    • visapetition says:

      DHS treats minors who had no say in where the family moved differently. The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program is evidence of this new attitude. Let them go through their internal analysis. Eventually they will make a decision and you can proceed accordingly. There is a waiver that you could file under Section 601 that may be able to help you as well. In sum, I am sure that you are in their system but as a minor you may not be held to the unlawful stay provisions. I hope this helps.

  51. Conchita says:

    My dad filled an i-130 for priority date is June 15,2007…i dont really understand the visa bulletin.i fall under the catagory:unmaried child over 21 of a citizen.i have been waiting for 5-6 years almost.when will my current date come up

  52. Phany Martinez says:

    I have been living in the US for over 15 years and want to apply for my citizenship. The problem is I met and fell in love with an illegal immigrant and we have been married over 9 years now. Will they deny my citizenship because I’m married to an illegal immigrant? Will it also trigger them to deport my husband? I’m so frighten just thinking about it. Please advise. Thanks!
    Sleepless in Milwaukee!

    • Terry Diaz says:

      I am married to a illegal immigrants.I am a us citizen.We have been together 11 year separated because of health problem trying to get healed by hyperbaric chamber.He has been in this country about 16 years What paper work needs to be filed out.I really need him for my health is going down.

  53. kwadwo wusu says:

    I have gotten my 2 years visa but I want to travel in 7 months there any risk?

  54. Theresa Kamara says:

    My parent an I came to the U.S from Belize with a visa when I was 8 years old. My visa is now expired, I filed for citizenship and today I received a letter from Immigration asking for me to go for an interview back in Belize. Is that normal? Should I be worried that I might not come back to the USA which is now my home? How long will I have to be in Belize? Please help.

  55. caridad says:

    I came to the usa with a waiver program to visit some friends. Is a long and spontaneous story but I got married with a usa citizen couple weeks ago. Im from spain and the waiver last 3 months… I have one week left and im trying to adjust the status so I can live with my husband now, hes been special since I met him. We are in love and we really want this work. Im in a hurry and a lot to do. I would like to know if is necessary send all documentation before my visa expires… I have everything sort out more or less but the civil surgeon… the soonest I could make an appointment its past my expiration date. So I do t know if it will be a problem if I send the medical report later or I should have everything sent before the waiver. Thank u so much, im struggling here.

  56. Sheretta Smith says:

    I’m a U.S. citizen. I have a few questions. My fiancée wants to send me his expired visa. Can I get it renewed. We want to get married so what are my options.

  57. Zoee says:

    I’m a daughter 21 year old and married a U.S citizen. My father lost his case and was deported in 2009 he has a good background no crimes and left on the date that he need to. My question is what are the steps that I have to take to buring him back to the United States and is the process a long one ?

  58. meajgirl says:

    PLZ HELP!!!
    I have an issue I hope is going to be ok! I got married 23 years ago. Was looking at our marriage license and realized that my wife said she was a US citizen. She was legal but not a citizen at the time! Is this ok in validation of out license? Someone had told me it’s fraud….an important form and a lie can affect it!

  59. helen says:

    hi iam a filipina and i have an american citizen child,my visa expires before i gave birth to him..i arrived in the us july29 2009 and my visa expired aug 23 2009 , The immigration gave me 6months stay.. i found out i was pregnant after a month, I had a very senstive pregnancy so i decided to just gave birth to him and go back home because i also hve a daughter left at home (in the phillipines) .I was given a stay till january my due date was March 27,2010 so after i gave birth(csection) i decided to stay for a month because of my major opperation then i mke sure to get my son a passport so we can go home on may. May 29 2010 we arrived in the philippines. He was staying here (philippines ) i renewed his stayed here paid almost 50,000 pesos for his extension fee , the immigration in our country says i have to bring him back to the united states or apply for his recognition, The problem is i have to go back to dc to report his birth so they will issue me ang authnticated visa so i can apply his dual citizenship. My Question is should i will be granted another us visa if i apply to the us embassy? How can i bring him back there? what visa should i apply? Thanks for those who will answer

  60. helen says:

    *authenticated birth certificate rather.

  61. Grace says:


    I have a question, i am a green card holder for almost 8 yrs now, my youngest brother and his mistress are threatening me that they will going to deport me, they lived in the Philippines,does they have a grounds to do that? Do i have a right to report them to the Manila US embassy to denied them from getting a tourist visa?
    Thanks in advance for your help.

  62. anonymous says:

    i recently got my green card but i found out in my card my given name is just MARY R instead of MARY ROSE..but the other docs stated my complete full name, i pressume that what info written in the paper are same as the id.. do i need to send it back to the uscis?? help me please! thank you in advance..

  63. vipul says:

    I came with my wife and with 3 children in us on b1 b2 viz a we came from Eritrea because my wife is pentecoastel and Eritrea is not support any Pentecostal so I want to ask asylum my wife had very bad time over there now I want to apply for asylum but I can’t get 180 days work permit so how I can manage my family please I need a very good advice thanks

  64. Patricia Ruiz says:

    Hi I would like to know can I apply for permanent resident if I been in the u.s for more than 10 years and I have kids and also I apply for the dream act and they approve but can I apply for the permanent resident.

  65. brian says:

    Was married to us citizen for 3yrs never had a status change now divorced have esrd and a felony can i get deported if i lived in the us 17yrs

  66. ruby says:

    I am a American Citizen, and I married an immigrant. I want to know if I can apply for the I130 if be has been here since 1983 and was deported at the age of 17. he has already been deported 3 times.He also had a theft from a person before.

  67. samantha says:

    my father had a massive stroke he wants to go back to his country he does not have a green card or a valid passport could he travel without a valid passport hes not coming back to the u.s

  68. Ana says:

    Hi my boyfriend has been a GREENCARD holder for 30 years now, how does he apply for naturalization? Does he need to hire a lawyer for this? And how long will true process take? Thank you

    • lyn says:

      Form N-400, Application for Naturalization; he needs to fill out those paper work. he don’t need a lawyer, if he is here with a valid green card tell him to print that form fill up all the information and depending on where states you reside there should be an address to send the application together with the 680 dollars check. don’t send the paper without the check or they won’t process it.

  69. Kendal says:

    My wife is sponsoring me and we already submitted the PR application and am under a deportation can I stay until cic make a decision on my PR application?

  70. janellgrant says:

    If I have been living in the england for over 7 years do I automatically get my greencard?

  71. Maria says:


    I am a US citizen and would like to petition for my husband to receive a visa. He entered the US in 2003 being only 17 years old and unfortunately was caught by immigration officers while attempting to cross. He attempted then again a few days later and then was successful. He has been present in this country ever since, he has never left the country. Would he be a good candidate to receive a visa? I would like to know before I petition for him.
    Thank you!

  72. Nasir says:

    I want to ask u plz tell me that I am a asylum seeker in malaysia.i regestered as a sylum seeker recently .my sis is in usa .green card holder and her husband is citizen of usa .so can she help me to come to usa.or can she sponser me .

  73. DAVID says:


  74. jose alfredo hernandez rocha says:

    I have been deported 2 times. Since my last deportation I have stayed in mexico for 5 years now. I have 2 children living in the US with their mom. All 3 of them are US citizens, Although I am not married. I have had a criminal record in the USA. So what steps can I take to apply to enter the US legally?

    • maria abrajan says:

      i’m in the same situation and i would like to know more information regarding this matter i also been deported a couple of times and have been out of the states for 7 yrs now and i have children whom are u.s citizens what can i do or my children do so i can go back to the states legally

  75. Walid says:

    I’m a USA permanent resident , i have been in the USA 2 years and 9 months, i’m married to USA citizen, we officially entered the USA in September 2011, we didn’t work that year, and for that reason we didn’t file taxes, however we did the next two years, can i apply for my citizenship with two years taxes

  76. chintan says:

    hii i am U.S citizen and my sister is also in usa on f1 visa, can i file petition for her ? how much time will it take for getting P.R for her?
    kindly help

  77. Belinda Baeza says:

    I am a U.S. citizen married as of last year to an illegal we married in Mexico he came in 99 left in 2003 returned following year at that time they took his fingerprints in October 2011 he was deported but before he signed voluntarily to stay in Mexico for 10 yrs because his dad was in hospital we have 2 kids can I still I still petition for him?

  78. Ethel Innis says:

    My son arrived in the United state on Sunday June 15and was not giving his i94how can i get his i94?

  79. Maria says:

    i am the petitioner for my husband his papers were approved and they made it all the way to the Dominican republic we were waiting for the package for the interview but when we called again they told me the papers were not in the Dominican republic anymore what do i do who do i call please help?

  80. Dorothy says:

    My daughter’s 2 yr green card will expire on november 2014. Is it okay not to file a 10 yr green card since I will file my citizenship on January 2015? Is it going to affect her papers if i don’t file her 10yrs?

  81. Ernesto Benn says:

    Hello. I’m USA citizen. My wife filed for green card during her pregnancy & granted; we live in USA, but I couldn’t derivate citizen to my new born kid. We just filed the I-130 form for the child.
    Is there any faster way to bring my 1 1/2 year old kid to USA? he lives in Mexico yet.

  82. Hello, I am from Ukraine and I am on F1 visa, my husband also Ukrainian. I want to devorce with him? We was married in Ukraine. Is it possible way to do it? We live in USA 2 yea. Thank you.

  83. Shannon laing says:

    Hi my husband did 6 years he was due to b release on 06/20/2014 and ice pick him up now he was granted relief or cancelation of removal in 2008 but he never went in front of a judge he just finding out now about that and when he came here he and his family came on a asluym I really don’t know what that means I’m just lost but can he still get deported

  84. luma says:

    Me and my mother have applied for asylum 10 months ago and we made the interview and have been told to wait but my mother is 65y.o and sick , shall i send them a letter to quick the response of her case ? thank you

  85. luma says:

    Me and my mother from Iraq and we applied for asylum 10 months ago and we made the interviews in Nov.14 and we have been told to wait the results but my mother is 65 y.o and little
    sick ! can i send the immigration office a letter to quick her case ? thank you
    luma , the daughter

  86. samara says:

    I am filing for citizenship and one of the document requirements is my 2013 tax transcript. The problem is i am on extension, will they deny citizenship based on a letter from IRS saying I’m on extention instead of having a transcript.

  87. Sandra Escobar says:

    My friend and her husband are both from mexico, They are here on his work vis. They have 4 kids 2 of them were born here. They have been here about 7 years. They are homeowners and pay taxes. On her vis she can not work. He went off and had a baby with another women and now is living two lives, one with my friend and the another women.
    My friend wants to divorce him. But she don’t want to go back to Mexico she has nothing there and her kids have their life here. Can she divorce him and stay here with her kids?

  88. Nereida Pereida says:

    I lost my green card last year in August I applied to get a new one but now I owe the IRS money. Will that take longer to receive my green card?

  89. MRC says:

    hi,my application for i765 was denied,what is the next will the USCIS will be imposed,are they sending me a notice of removal,please help me for this issue

  90. lilian says:

    Hello i want to share my testimony on how i married for the pass 12yrs without even conceiving a baby and i have done all the medical check up and the doctors said am okay yet i was still unable to conceive until one faith days i was on the internet doing some research and i saw a testimony share by someone on how a man call Dr. ojo oja help her to get conceive a baby after casting a pregnancy for her and i have no option than to also contact this man on this same email which is and to my greatest surprise after he has cast the spell for me and he told me told have sex with my husband and i did as he instructed me and to God be the glory at the end of the month i miss my period and i want for hospital for check up again and the doctor said am two weeks pregnant and i was so surprise and all this came through with the help of Dr ojo oja once again contact him because he just save my marriage and i know many of you are out there with the same problem don’t hesitate to contact him now.

  91. Julia says:

    I have a question I need an answer to. If one who is from Mexico has been living in the US for over 12 yrs without a visa, passport or green card; how can they go about applying for one?

    Thank you

  92. Ernesto Favela says:

    I recently got married, my wife has a petition from her sister to become a permanent resident, what can I do to change the status or to get her the green card?

  93. Tina knight says:

    Hi this is regarding my daughters immigrant visa, my husband applied for me and my daughter on I-130, my daughter wanted to come out here later, but she lost her confirmation letter with her LND number on it and she has just found it, she just turned 21 in july, is there anyway that she can proceed to immigrate to be with me, or is there a way that she can get out here to live and work, and apply for another immigration visa whilst here.

  94. shayrung phromcharoen says:

    I am a resident in the United states I caught a felony at the age of 17 will this hinder my citizenship?

  95. shay says:

    I am a resident in the United states I caught a felony at the age of 17 will this hinder my citizenship? I have to apply for citizenship in 2015.

  96. lei says:

    I have sick nephew in the Philippines, I am a US citizen, can I petition him so he can treated here in the US on a medical visa?

  97. janet says:

    They gave my husband 5 years in Mexico they took his green card away they gave him 5 years he stayed 10 and now his in the US and I’m a American citizen would he be able to get his green card with my help

  98. Franca Ofudu says:

    My husband is currently in the us and has applied for asylum.i also have a 2yrs tourist visa can i visit him and come back

  99. candace says:

    Hi I am 24 and been married to my husband since Sep 2011 and we have a 5 month old son and a 2 year old son if I file a i1-30 for him is there any way he can stay here in the us without going back to mexico. He has been here as an undocumented immigrant since 2004 and has only had 2 tickets both paid andno other problems with the law. Im trying to get him his permanent residence here do you know how long it could take and what the process is?

  100. Diana says:

    my ex-husband was deported back to Mexico 7 years ago, how can I obtain documents of his deportation?

  101. Simon says:

    Moonriver says:
    When you lied to the immigration officer in the Philippines regarding falsified documentation and the petitioner successfully had that petition approved for her alleged daughter and son. Is this petitioner be subject for deportation? I am very concerned because I am related to this dishonest petitioner. Please let me know what can I can help your office. In fact I am willing to testify against them so I can help your office prosecute them. I am a clear conscience person and I am appalled for what they have done. I don’t want this people to ruined the dignity and honesty of other Filipinos in USA

    • davia says:

      My mother petitioned for me over ten years, i am yet to recieve a us visa application. What should we do? My mother is ill and wants to leave for a warmer climate. What should we do?

  102. Lee says:

    My husband can apply now to US citizen, but my status is illegal, and in the form they ask to write about spouse, so is that going to be risky for me?

  103. ali hadi says:

    hello, my sister in usa and she is a sitizen submit i 130 for me and after 4 years i get this messege :

    Post Decision Activity

    On October 17, 2014, we mailed you a notice that we have approved this I130 IMMIGRANT PETITION FOR RELATIVE

    how long i still have to wait to get my visa?

  104. Kareen wint says:

    Ok. I don’t live in the u.s my family live there and my boyfriend. My family as been trying to get me and my siblings up for a while now, but there was some issue so we didn’t get through but my family is trying again. I’m not sure when the papers will be coming out. So because of that my boyfriend as been asking me to marry him since lately but I have been telling him no, even though I’d love to get married to him. I don’t want because of me the papers that are suppose to be coming don’t are get affected because I decided to get married to him even though he’s a u.s citizen. But what if I do get married to him would it affect my siblings from leaving the country because of me

  105. jack says:

    My wife has been asked to redo finger prints at US Consulate.However, before this, consulate asked her to resubmit medicals to issue visa, but was surprised when she was called again to resubmit finger prints.

  106. RMC says:

    I have a greencard and I’ll be applying for my citizenship this month. I’ll be getting married this coming January, will my application be affected being that I will be taking his last name?

    • lyn says:

      No, it won’t, I married my husband june of 2011, change all my maiden name to married name in all my important papers including SS card and since my application was already submitted I submit a written form with my signature together with my marriage license to update my last name for my application so when I got my naturalization cert. it has my husband last name on it.

  107. Ann says:

    My friends parents(green card) applied for their son who was unmarried. His priority date has come but he is married. He has applied by telling he is married. The parents are still permanent resident. Immigration has asked for wife’s documents. So can you please tell what does that mean? And how long will it take to complete process?

  108. Vanessa says:

    Im a permanent resident and next year I will become a US Citizen and my husband got a DUI 2008 in Utah that was never taken care of and in 2012 he got deported for 5 years and we do have a boy together thats a us citizen…. When I become a us citizen would he qualify if I petition him?

  109. daniel ferreira says:

    im braziliam and on 2000 i came to usa illegal and i got cut when i cross the border.on 2005 i got married a american citizen and we have 2 kids.on 2013 me and my family come back to brazil and apply for i 130 .this new law can helps me so i dont have to be in brazil for 10 years?????

  110. sahra bore says:

    if your green card expires April 9th 2015 saying when do you have to renew your car

  111. I am a permanent resident for 6 years.I want to apply for my citizenship.but During the last 5 last years I have been in amrica for 21 question is that ,if i stay in amrica 6 months and I file my citizenship can i go out of amrica till my citizenship processes ?bacause i think i apply 3 months sooner but at that time still i nedd more 3 months.
    Thanks in advance

  112. Nii Tettey says:

    My mom filed for my brother almost 7 years as an unmarried son but he recently got married. Does he have to even wait longer as a result of him getting married

  113. Johanna says:

    My step kids are permanent resident of the United States they been out of the country for about 8 years now they decided to come back to the USA would they have any problem in coming back in is there process that have to be done for them to come back please help

  114. Jessica guzman says:

    I was married and have 2 children with my now ex husband who is an illegal from Mexico. He is now back in Mexico and has not seen his kids in almost 7 years we have been working on things for the last year. Is there any way I can file to get him back to the United States for our kids? We want to marry again and make a life for our kids!

  115. Suri says:

    I have a question I came in the USA as a b2 converted to f1 then got my green card through employment I am going home next month for 6 weeks and But my passport still have a stamp b2 entry and my i1 94 attached to it am I ganna have a difficulty coming back here in America

  116. Claudia Hinojosa says:

    My brother had his resident card and went to renew in 2001. He went to his appointment and was advised to keep an eye out for a letter of correspondence. He received a letter advising him that his case was under review and as now has not heard anything it’s been 13yrs. Who should we contact and what steps should be taken?

  117. MD Hussain says:

    I have a question: I came US as a B2 visitor then I changed my status to F1 but as I don’t have a stump can I travel back home during my holiday ?

  118. smax21 says:

    Hello, I’m hoping you may have some advice regarding my mother in law’s current situation. She was denied a B2 tourist visa today during a 5 minute interview at the US Embassy in Mexico City. The reason given was that her only daughter (my wife) is living in the US and therefore she is at risk of overstaying her visa. The official even suggested that she instead begin the process of applying for permanent residence in the US. So far my wife has been living in the US for 2 years and 4 months, she arrived on a K1 visa and received her green card almost a year after entering the US. My question is this, can my mother in law apply again for a B2 tourist visa and explain that she’s not interested in living in the US but actually just wants to visit and we are not ready for her to move with us either. In maybe 4 or 5 years we may be ready for her to move to the US with us but either way the suggestion by the official to begin her I130 immigration application is not possible since my wife is not a US citizen and won’t be eligible to become one for at least another 6 months or maybe even a year and 6 months, correct?

  119. nikki says:

    My friend has been married for 2years and now she is about to have a baby but she wants to give the baby her maiden name and not her marriage name will it effect the filing for permanent residency for her husband.

  120. Pedro Ramirez says:

    If I have a green card and been in the USA since the age of 2, I have a felony 3rd degree att robery from when I was 19 and now I am 34, can I be able to visit relatives or go on vacation to the dominican republic without having problems coming back into the states

  121. Carmen says:

    I am a green card holder in the US and filed a petition for my daughter in the Caribbean since 2012, She is 19 years old and is 5 months pregnant, would she be denied the green card before or after she has the baby?

  122. maha says:

    hi, so I came to the US as a refugee in 2007,but when the one year passed, I didn’t apply for green card, and my understanding now upon entering the US within a year after the I94 I should have done that, but I didn’t,years passed and I got married to a US citizen for 2 years but now I’m divorced and I still don’t have my green card in that case what should I do? in order for me to get my green card and my US citizen

  123. CPR says:

    I have a green card, i’m dominican; im also living in the dominican republic. I want to ask for my daughter to have her residence. She es over the 20’s, what should i do?

  124. Liz says:

    My boyfriend was deported due to usage of false documents (belong to someone else)to work. I will have a baby soon, would it be possible to bring my boyfriend back when I marry him by petition, without having to wait 10 years???

  125. Stacey says:

    my husband and I are both born in U.S.A my husband and I been separated for 25 years.And he went to the Phillipines and married a women there while still married to me in the states. Is there any way I can have his and the other woman from coming toi U.S.A due to the fact this is bigamy.

  126. Alishia says:

    My father was recently sentenced for a drug crime commited in ’92. He was sentenced to 10 years 4without parole. He currently is a us resident but his residency is about to expire. Can it be renewed while he is incarcerated? Also this crime was done over 20 years ago and now he got sentenced for it, could he be deported if hes been in the country for almost 30 years?

  127. Edlyn fernandez says:

    My husband is a us green card holder.last year he told me that he is living with her mistress already and they already have a son.we have a son also and my husband stops supporting our son.can i able to file a case to deport him and her mistress?could i also ask for a child support?

  128. Molly says:

    If a 10 year old boy went interview with his uncles in Fiji to go to the US for a funeral and his visa was to go with either one of those uncles but those uncles are not able to go with him since they both got a multiple visas while the the 10 years old boy visa is only one month given.What can i do to have this child go without his uncles before his visa expire please..

  129. acheampong adu says:

    my father who is now an american citizen filed for my green card or perment resident of america so i could live with him when i was twenty years but when i went for the interview at the american embassy in my country Ghana i was twenty one. Can i be denied because i am twenty one.

  130. linda says:

    I am a US Citizen I filed a petition for my husband back on DEC 2012. He still did not receive his visa. He already has a nvc case number he just has the interview left. Unfortunately my country is at war. The US embassy susspened all services and all airports are on lockdown. I was wondering if my husband is eligible for political asylum? Can he apply for it even though he is in another country? Please help the situation is so bad there. Food supply is running low and they continue to fire there missiles.

  131. alihorrnnaa says:

    hi my wife is about to file for me but she owes the irs sme money plus she have student loan and other loan would this stop her from filing for

  132. alihorrnnaa says:

    if my wife owes the irs money can that stop her from filing for me she is a us citizen

  133. Rebeca M says:

    I would like to know if my husband would have to leave the US for him to get a green card? He was born in Mexico and his father brought him illegally when he was 10 years old he is now 21 and he is married to me and I am a US citizen and we have a 2 year old daughter.

  134. simon says:

    I am a US citizen ny wife who is expecting our 1st child was sent back at point of entry because she came in on a Visitors visa and not A k visa. I want our child born here where I am .. what can I do to expedite the best option to bring her back b4 her due that which is fast approaching

  135. Maly says:

    My husband is not a US Citizen, however, he is a legal resident immigrate and has lived in the US for over 20 years. During his teens, he traveled back to his homeland (Thailand) with our church. At the time, his parents had the necessary documents for him to visit and return to the US. Now, we have a trip planned to Mexico on May 19-26th, 2015 and he only has his re-entry paperwork. Does he need more paperwork? I called the US Passport service, and passports are only for US Citizens. What do I need so that he can travel with me outside the US by May 19th? Does he need a VISA?

  136. Desiree Rivas says:

    My dad is from Mexico and he got sent to prison and got his papers taken away…. is there any, at by dad can get to come bak

  137. Michael Smith says:

    I have my wife who is 41 years old and I’m 25 years old and we have been married for over a year and I would like to file her petion to help her get her green card. Would we have problems because of our age difference

  138. mia says:

    My friend has two kids with a lady who is here on a school visa. The kids were born in the US. Her visa is about to expire. Is she allowed to take the kids with her and what can we do to get her to be able to stay??

  139. Sandra says:

    How much is it to renew my 19yr old daughter’s greencard?

  140. Carina says:

    I have a question? My husband has been in the U.S. for 9 years I’am a U.S. Citizen we have 3 U.S citizen children’s. When he crossed the border he got caught in the border and was sent back to Mexico and they took his finger prints and wrote down that he is deported can I file for him and will he get his green card or will he be deported? His dad is a US CITIZEN and filed an application for him when he was single. Is their any way he can get his green card with out being deported?

  141. peer says:

    I want to bring my Mother to the US, but she ‘s married and separated, not divorced. Will that affect the process? thanks.

  142. cindy says:

    I’m pregnant and my boyfriend is in Mexico I want to have my baby in the USA but want him to witness the birth of our child. Is there a way I can request him so he can be here with me for ours child birth?

  143. Aida Guerrero says:

    Im a resident and I’ve been divorced for 9 yrs and i have to renew my resident card but I haven’t changed my last name does that affect me when I renew my resident card

  144. husein aqil says:

    I am self employed and I am American citizen since1985 I had bad accident in August -29-2014 i been under treatment since the accident happened.
    Now I have a lot of pain in my whole body
    I can’t drive that long I got broken neick
    And a lot pain in my whole body continue
    I am in medication I can’t drive in spite of
    Driving make me have a lot of pain if I move
    My body after few Mri doctor said I have several area on my body been hitting I still
    Live in pain even with medicine.
    Now the Doctor planing to do me serigery
    My question can I make a visitor vias to
    My nefew bring him from Jordan so he
    Can drive for me and take care of me
    Around the long day.
    I need him to help for my work I do clean
    Exterior home pressure wash and Paint
    Homes and commercial.
    The work physically I can’t do it can I bring him to US and he will live with me I will support him.
    What can I do do I need a lawyer please
    Advice me please

  145. Joe Bozym says:

    my girl friend came here on a fiancé visa thru someone else in 2001. She got a divorce in 2003. I met her in 2014 and we got married in Janurary 2015. Her faience visa expired in 2003.So can I file a 1-130 and a 1-485 at the same time since she came legally.

  146. Deanna says:

    I am a Canadian citizen..been in US for 12 years..came when I was 13 years old….married and have 3 boys….what do I do to get green card and legal?

  147. fetwi says:

    I have applied for poltical asylum and included my wife as well. But my status is still pending. In the midst of this process my wife came in the US. how can I process her case then?

  148. Bilal says:

    Hello Everyone. I apprecite the prticiption of everyone here in this forum. Please guide me precisely as i want to avoid duplication of efforts. My scenario is s follows>-
    – Me along with my wife and two sons applied for asylum on religious basis in Oct 2014 at JFK airport in NY.
    – We were detained there, passports taken, biometrics obtained, interviews done, evidences seen etc etc. it was a process for almost ten long hours.
    – Before leaving, we four were given A Numbers.
    – The Officer from DHS informed me that they have facilitated me to the best possible extent and they allowed us to come out of JFK. We were told to wait for a hearing notice from the Immigrations Courts as they told me that we were not to be interviewed now by the asylum officer.
    – We had received the notice from Immighration Courts that our hearing is scheduled in Nov 2019.
    – Hving completd 150 dys, i applied for work permit.
    – In response i got the notice from Vermont Office that my submitted documents do not have any proof that i pplied for aasylum. They asked me to provide the acceptaable I – 584. My forms I – 862 clearly mention that we applied for asylum on relevant grounds.
    – What are the options for me . . . please help….

  149. i have my 8 month baby and i have to go in for am immigrant visa interview but she wasnt filed for can she get a chance to go to the u.s with me although she has her own passport?? i live in guyana……..

  150. Fatima Hernandez says:

    Hi i had a question and i need help A.S.A P. okmy question is for my husband who has court next month for iimmigration. Has has committed two bad crimes but not to the point were he murderd somone or anything like that now my question is if he has bein here in the us at the age of 16 but left for a month in the year 2005 and came back that same year 2005 i know he didnt complete 10 years here counting the year he left now considering the things he has done in the past and not completeing 10 years in the us what should he do?? We met with a loyer today but she practically told us there is nothing we can do but pay her to buy us time. I am a us citizen born and raised in usa i have a daughter with my husband and the loyer said that since i have a baby with him that still doesnt help becuase he never completed the 10 years here now she said that we can pay her to buy is time while the baby we had together grows older so that maybe than she can ask for ger dad to stay in the us. But its a total of $75,000 she wants $400.00 a month plus we have bills to pay 1,000 the rent plus water bills phone bills idk what to do if we should waist money and buy time or leave for 10 years volunteerly and try to help him come back. Help me please what should my husband do waist money and buy time or leave volunteerly for 10 years??? And if he does decide to leave what exactly does he have to tell the judge becuase we dnt have a loyer yet we just spoke to one ??

  151. david says:

    If my brother suffered a murder attempt, he had physical injuries. He could get the Visa U but if im his brother and my 18 birthday was a month ago. Can he include me in the petition to get the visa U?

  152. Angelina says:

    Hello I am a German green card holder currently pregnant I was wondering if my card expire and I choose not to renew it. Is his dad able to stop me from going back with me? As in taking him away from me ?

  153. Vinnie says:

    My husband went to cuidad Juarez with the I 601A approval. The immigration officer denied his visa due to a date that an officer put the wrong day of entry when he was detained. We denied that date in court and the immigration judge asked for him to apply for the I 601 A, which was approved. Now, he is in Mexico where there has beed several shooting near his home due to cartel wars. We aleady sent all the evidence to El Paso for a 2nd review but have heard nothing. Is there anything else we can do?

  154. David says:

    Im 31 years old, not married, no kids, no criminal record. Ive been in the US since I was 4 years old. when I was 21 my dad married a US citizen. She petition both my dad and I but, was denied due to my age. I spent 2 years in Mexico, until my GF petition me for a K1 visa, I was approve, giving the pardon and returned back to the states. But, my GF had change of heart and left me. My mom is a US permanent resident. Would it be easier for her to become a US citizen, and can she petition me? if so, how long is the waiting list? and what forms do I have to send to INS?

  155. Danielle says:

    I have a friend who is an illegal immigrant and she want to get her residency thru her child who is us citizen and was born with heart failure and had a mini stroke at birth.. Can she file so he can continue care here without being scared of deportation? Her lawyer asked her to go thru asylum and once they get denied she will hold deportation and request thru the child is this correct or scam?

  156. Alexander says:

    I am waiting for 4 months invitation to fingerprints on the second green card

  157. Luis Arrieta says:

    I have a question :
    My dad is claiming me as his son here in USA so I can have a resident card, is there anyway I can speed up the process because is taking forever

  158. Singh says:

    hi i came usa before two months can i apply now political asylum plz tell me

  159. Colleen says:

    I am a Canadian citizen in the process of filing an i-130 with my American spouse. While he was visiting Canada he incurred some minor criminal charges. Will his Canadian convictions affect his ability to sponsor me?

  160. jordan says:

    I need help im 15 years old my mom got deported 3 years ago I only visit her during the summer when im out of school for about 2 weeks tgis year my mom wants me to live in mexico and finish my high school their im planning to come back when im 18 but will i have any problems? I want to know if i come back I will still be able to get my mom permition to be in the us?

  161. Bishwa Sharma says:

    Hi, Here is a link that says they don’t need form I-134 and invitation letter.
    In this link it says ” Note: Visa applicants must qualify on the basis of the applicant’s residence and ties abroad, rather than assurances from U.S. family and friends. A letter of invitation or Affidavit of Support is not needed to apply for a nonimmigrant tourist visa. If you do choose to bring a letter of invitation or Affidavit of Support to your interview, please remember that it is not one of the factors that we use in determining whether to issue or deny a nonimmigrant tourist visa.”

  162. Mohamedhanif patel says:

    I filed I129 to call my fiancee in USA but I married on telephone.I met f now agaiancee in 2008.According to law I would have to go on Pakistan within two yearsi fill out form I290b. But my appeal is rejected.Now I have to file form I 290b for motion to reconsider and open my case please advise what I have to reply.

  163. eva says:

    Hi my brother got his I 130 approve but my mother would want him to come visit us to get familiar to living here can I still invite him to visit us for a month than go back to vietnam after and wait for his visa to come here permanent?

  164. Sim says:

    I am U.S. citizen . And I file I 130 for my married brother .
    I want to know can I send sponsorship to him for Visiter visa mean while
    If I want him to come fast
    I don’t know .. Suggest me

  165. Zumar says:

    My husband gets his immigration visa but its valid only for almost 2 months.. He cant come within that we have any option to extend his immigrant visa..??plzzz rrply soon

  166. Cristy pere says:

    Hi! Can you help us ? I am pregnant and will give birth this month after 6 months of waiting for the visa, it arrived and sched by sept, but i will gave birth at that time. Can i bring with me my newborn? What are the documents needed?Or IF not? HOW LONG will i be able o wait to bring hee with me? Waiting for your help. Thanks in advance

  167. titi says:

    I entered US with visiting visa and l am staying with my step mother who is US citizen .she filed for me and my brother before l clocked twenty years of age but my brother died and she stopped the process .l am twenty years now can she open the case again and how do we go about it .pls your advise is needed right now .

  168. Sphesihle says:

    I was enrolled at a college in Atlanta and have a study permit. I want to apply for asylum. Would this affect my admission with the college? Will I continue studying while my asylum application is in process?

  169. Reza says:

    Now I am a Canadian and us green card holder and a state govt. service holder . My spouse get local approval. I am 54 years old and now I am so sick and feel lonely. Can my wife and child get visa immediately?.

  170. Arnel masangcay says:

    I’m a permanent resident, how long does it take to get an approval for my son under 18 years old to get visa

  171. Jackie says:

    Hi my dad is about to get his US citzenshipn but my dad has a felony charge in our home country over 45 yrs ago. Can this stop him on becoming a US Citizen?

    Thank you in advance for your time!

  172. edith barajas says:

    My son’s father has been deported to Mexico he’s by himself out there no family. His son needs him and so does my mother in law what can I do to bring him back? In 2009 he got caught driving with no license and they violated his personal rights he just signed and didnt know what was going on he’s been in the USA since a baby what can i do to bring him back please

  173. Olga says:

    at the age of 20 years I was abused by my husband . I didn’t apply for any applications until age 21-22. I received my U visa when I was 22. In 3 years after I received green card. My question is : Can I apply for my mom for U visa, since I had one and I know (if applicant is underage parents can apply to.)? I am 27 now.

  174. ana bonilla says:

    Hello !! Me an my husband have been married for 7years know and i want to file form I-130 he has been in the United States for almost 11 years an w have 3 children my questions is if i fill this application does he have to go back to his country or can i file form I-485 he did come here illegally so is there a risk of deportation.

  175. louky says:

    I have F1 visa to us and the palne will be stop in London airport
    do i need transit visa or not and can i go to see London

  176. jasmin says:

    Is was going on vacation to dominican republic in may .I’m a permanent resident. I have to get a new green could take up to 12 months. Would a paper stating I applied for my green card get me back in to the u.s.a if my green card doesn’t come in time

  177. Jane says:

    I have a friend that has been here since he was 15. He has been having court since then. He had a lawyer, but he stoped going to see him. He is now 20 and he has his court in a couple of days. Can he be deported? He came to the U.S.A because his life was in danger over in El Salvador. He has no criminal charges anywhere other than driving without a license.

    • visapetition says:

      Usually you have one year after you enter the United States to apply for asylum. It has been five years.
      Do you know whether the Dept. of Homeland Security has placed a hold on him? You can ask his lawyer or even the court clerk whether this has happened. If he is being charged with driving without a license, that is not a serious enough charge by itself to get him deported. BUT, if he is undocumented he is subject to removal at any time. I would retain an immigration lawyer to help you. Depending on where you live, I may be able to help you. Please visit and request a consultation.

  178. alba cardoza says:

    My husband had court in 1994 and the judge told him he had to leave voluntary and he didn’t so no he has an order of deportation what can we do please help

  179. george Udiado says:

    What are the possible penalties for having or using a fake Permanent Residence Card and a Tampered Social Security Number to avail a job? Even if he/she paying taxes?

  180. Frank says:

    My name is frank and I came here on b2 visa when I was 14 and I overstayed my visa and I’m out of status and I’m been here for six years and I got a criminal record also got a felony as a minor i was wondering what are my options to obtain citizenship?

  181. Angela Bosques says:

    My son is incarcerated federal time he’s Puerto Rican,an immigration take immigration jail. What I can do? I’m the mother

  182. Priti Singhania says:

    Hi i am currently on b2 visa, if i marry a guy on f1 visa.can i apply for dependent visa here in US or i hav to visit my home country for the same

  183. adam tye says:

    hi i have a 1 year old baby girl whos half ukraine and half english how can i bring her to england for a couple of months to england to visit her grandprents

  184. Nour says:

    I have a greencard and ive been in america for 2 years but i dont have my US passport ,if i wanna get married to a non US citizen do i take my US passport in one year or it takes me three years again?
    Thank you

  185. jenny says:

    I am not working and staying home and My bf is from the UK and wanting to visit my country do I still need a support letter showing that he is visiting me on tourist visitor visa

  186. Mike says:

    If a 19 year old is here from Canada on his moms visa living in Virginia. Can he come to California with out her?

  187. Raj says:

    My citizenship interview was done on June 2nd 2015 and I passed all the tests. Officer told me that she can’t decide at that time and told me to wait 2-4 wks. After 4 months passed today DHS officers came to my place and they were nice and started asking me how many times I aplied US visa in the past ? I told them I have applied several times don’t remember exactly. She said we have all the records don’t lie to us . And asked to write sworn affidavit to me and my husband that both our kids are biological. And told me to write how many times I applied for visa and asked how I met my husband ? I gave her all the proof including pictures of our marriage and kids birth certificates . She said she will get back to us soon. Is this happen to anyone? Because on our green card interview all these question were asked already and I never gotten any tickets I have very clean background . I wonder why me???

    • Punya says:

      Good luck friend . I had same problem but after 4 weeks I received a letter that my application has been approved. Best of luck.

  188. Alto says:

    I am US citizen. I want to bring my brother to USA on green card filling. Can he come to USA on visitor visa and then apply for I130. I heard that is fast procedure than applying while in abroad. Can anyone please help me out.

  189. Alemdar Voljevica says:

    Hi! My wife entered US legally with bachelor degree,she was enrolled here in community college to finish her Master degree. After couple months she started to feel deep depression, and couldn’t go to the college due to her mental issue.The director was notified and after reviewing psychiatrist letter, agreed to extend her rest for two years. In meanwhile she felt better, even gave birth to our daughter, and wanted to continue with her Master degree .But we found out that she lost status,and her pryority day arrived as well. So my question is;”Does she can reaply for college due to her mental past”?We have all documents from doctor proving that she was sick.
    P.S.I am permanent resident about 5 1/2 year.Thank you a lott!

  190. Andal joseph says:

    My mom is deported from 2008. She already filed for me I already get my approval
    I want to know if I m still granted for a green card

  191. Morgen says:

    if a person is an undocumented immigrant and marrieds a U.S citizen can that person become legal ?

  192. Jummy says:

    Hi jason
    I want to ask you this question and l need a quick response please.l was detained at Us point of entry and l registered my fear of going back home and l was given a credible fear interview which l passed. Later l received a notice to appear for master calendar hearing next year meanwhile my hubby had already filed for asylum do l need to file for asylum again since my hubby included me in his own.please l need quick response.

  193. Sam says:

    I am a citizen. My first marriage was not working out, we got separated in 2006 and we filed for divorce. There was complications about the them not showing up to court. I traveled out of the country and remarried in 2008. The divorce was finalized in 2010 from my first marriage. I applied a spouse visa for my second wife in 2011. The paper work was completed until the interview date then the American counsel was saying that my marriage is not qualified for a spouse visa . What can I do? I’m in a forgein country and stuck .

  194. Brenda Narvaez says:

    My wife just gor approve for her green card but her two last names are written together would she had any problems to re enter the us?

  195. Sharon says:

    My daughters dad was removed from the Uk 7 years ago. His mum died recently, would he be allowed to return to the UK to attend her funneral?

  196. Esme says:

    So I have 4 year in a relationship with my boyfriend. I was born in the United States & his from El Salvador . We are planning to get married , but we are wondering if his process of getting his residency in 2018 will start all over ? Do you think it will . I’m not planning of filing a process to give him papers because he already has a case going on.

  197. marimo49 says:

    My boyfriend who is 21 and a citizen will like to request his parents for a legal permanent status. There is no pardon and they will have to leave the country. But his dad had filed papers about 20 years ago that gave him a work permit he just never followed up with that paper work. He now wants to look for it, but does not have a PIN which the recorda office ask for. Is there other ways to look up the record without the PIN?

  198. zara says:

    My husband is an Officer from iraq and i want him to be with me in the united states and im a citizen in the united states does it affect because his an Officer?

  199. Crystal paulino says:

    I have been married to my husband for 11years we have 3 kids and he is illegally here from Mexico…. um he is our soul provider he works and I take care of our kids…. he had his visa in 1989 until 1996 in 1992 he got arrested for drug trafficking and deported he’s been here now for 15 years… what can we do to get his visa back??? Please help we’re lost and don’t know where to start….

  200. rhoda says:

    my husband is u.s citizen can he sponsor my son we got married when my son was 19 years old now he is 20 years old

  201. Stecie says:

    My fiance father filled for him to come to USA my fiance and I didn’t know so I fill for him his father got aprove I got aprove to I spoke to him about my case he told me he didn’t already the problem is what he put on his aplication that’s not what I put the parents birthday wrong then he said I mind get denial help me out to know please

  202. Kelly Agadana says:

    My girlfriend for 9 years got her green card this year along with our 1 year old son (both parent are citizens) . We got married in september this year. After our wedding I got a 2years B1/B2 visa and went to the US for 2weeks just for visiting. Presently my wife is expecting our second child in April and now based in the US. How can I join them soon as possible, what would be the best process, not forgetting I still have a valid B1/B2 visa. If there, can I get a work permit?

  203. my fiance has a F-1 student visa. She was unaware that she could not work while in the us. She immediately quit her employment. We are engaged to be married in April of next year. Could she be deported and is there anything we can do now? Would it help to get married sooner?

  204. Samantha Betty says:

    I am filling for my husband,gave in all the documents and I got hurt on my job.been out for three month,is that a problem

  205. krystal says:

    my visa has been expired from 2011,and I heard the longer you wait to apply for a new one you wont be granted one. Is that true?

  206. Oscar says:

    I just went thru a divorce.and my ex wife was granted by court that she could claim my youngest child on her taxes.she was deported and banned from United States for ten years and is here illegally again.can she claim my daughter?

  207. Mar says:

    My mom lived in the U.S. for 30+ years and during that time she obtained a long criminal record as well as a big child support bill from getting her kids taken away while she was in jail. Finally in her 40s she has been deported to Mexico on another criminal charge. All 4 of her children were born in the U.S. She has now been deported for around 8 years and has health issues. As one of her concerned children is there anything I can do to get her back to the U.S. to care for her? Myself nor my siblings have money to hire a lawyer.

  208. Lisa says:

    Hi I entered the US on a visa waiver with my baby daughter. She was born in northern Ireland like me. Her father is a US citizen
    We are leaving soon to return to Ireland. Her dad wants to file for taxes and make her a resident or citizen. Can the baby leave with me or does she have to stay in US? Can the father stop me taking her if I file?

  209. Jose says:

    Hi There

    I would like to get some advice. I am a US Citizen, will be marrying my fiancé in February,2016. This is a gay marriage, my fiancé came to US illegally in 2004. He never had a crime or anything like that. Also has been filing taxes since then. Now we went to his country (Mexico) in 2009 because he needed to see his family due to an emergency, came back illegally again. He never has been deported or never got stopped by immigration on his way to US. I would like to know what is the consequences, when I summit the marriage petition. Please advise. Thank you

  210. Viviana Aguirre says:

    I am a born Citizen of the United States and I am married but my husband is undocumented and I am want to file for him to get his green card. He was brought to the US when he was 14 went to high school for 3 months and was forced to drop out and start working when he was still a minor. He was voluntarily sent back to Mexico and came back after a year. We have one daughter together. What are the chances of him getting his green card without having to leave the country?

  211. John says:

    Hi my partner is an U.S. it possible to apply for a fiance visa even though I was deported to Mexico??

  212. Crystal says:

    I’m 19 years old and US citizen, I’m in love with a man who’s way older than me, late 39 years old, we’ve been together for almost a year, his HB1 visa is expired but he owns a business, if we get get married can I sponsor him for a green card? Will the age difference matter to the immigration? Do I need to financially sponsor him or that’s not required since he has a business and earning enough money for both of us? Please reply as we want to get get married very soon and visit his beautiful country.
    Thank you for your help and prompt reply.

  213. I have a question I am 20 years old i moved to the united states and entered the country illegaly when I was 7 and was there until I turned 18 I resided in Michigan . I had obtained deca program in 2013 and shortly after in June 2014 i was deported out of the country based on marijuana possession charges. I was given a 10 year bar. In July 2014 my 2 year girlfreind came to Mexico to marry me Had our ceremony in Dec 2014..and she returned to the us in Jan 2015 we now share a daughter who will be 1 year old in may 2016. I have been able to remove one of my marijuana possession charges due to completing my probation hours along with all payments but still hold a d.w.I.

    My wife and I have began speaking and looking for legal help nd currently may be looking t begin a process as it has become very difficult for me to provide for her from Mexico. I currently am employed at a call center for inmate phone services in the us. And have been able to provide what I can but its not enough. I need to return to be able to provide for her and my daughter. I want to know if there is any way to do so?

    Please and thank you for your time.
    Mauricio Moreno

  214. Danny says:

    I have applied for my asylum and my biometrics have been done.
    I mentioned in my application that my wife should be included in the asylum process but she was not in the country that time. Now she is here with me. What should i do now., make new application or just inform the department with her photo and passport copies. please suggest. Thanks.

  215. Mike Murphy says:

    My girlfriend went to Africa with her boss to buy gold.they got into an argument, and her boss left my girlfriend in Africa, with no return ticket to USA. It has taken us 3 Years to raise the funds for her return. She finally returned to USA, and was arrested for overstaying her visa and is currently in prison. How can I get her out? I make minimum wage and cannot afford an expensive lawyer.

  216. Christine says:

    My dad has been in the United States for the past 46 years he started his paper work many years ago did his finger prints and had received a social security number he never finished he now has congestive heart failure and kidney disease he has four children that are citizens and nine grand children he is in need of a heart transplant or he will die can he get a green card so he can have the heart transplant done

  217. Christine says:

    Hello my dad has been in the United States for 46 years he did start his paper work many years ago he received a social security number and did his finger prints but never finished he is now very ill and needs a heart transplant he has 4 children and nine grand children I was wondering if he is still able to get a green card so he can have his transplant

  218. rikaio says:

    I have filed a Immigrant visa for my son 35 yrs old. I am usa citizen. If I visit India for six months would it affect ,my son’s visa be delayed for that period of time.

  219. Kim Gonzalez says:

    Hi, my step father was deported in 2000 with that being 15 years ago is he allowed reentry to the US and if so what step should we take?

  220. Jane says:

    I am married to a US citizen and he have abandoned me and my children who are not his. I pitition myself and my daughter. My work authorization that I received thru my husband will soon expire. Do I have to renew it whilst waiting for a response from the Uscis?

  221. Majde Ababneh says:

    Hi my question is that my dam mom and i went to the Usa my parents were given a ten year ban i was only 11 at that time does the ban include me or not because i was a minor thank you.

  222. Marilyn Santos says:

    My husband has been deported and he has worked here in the united States for over 15 years and we have four children.. Can I get any Money From Him working here or Entitiled For Any Benefits for me and My Children..??

  223. Can. A man permanent resident. Of 8 years file for citzenship if been. Sepereated since 2011 and left. Me for. A man.but wont legally. File. Seperation. And my father cosponserd and didnt file taxs or. Nothing together. Would he. Get citzenship. Or. Woud me. And ny dad be. In. Trouble. Says. We have. To be married until 2019. I love him but. He is. Bisexual. Me and my daghter worry alot because dads. Disabled and. So am i. Would i. Be eligble for spousal. Support or. No.

  224. He is permanent resident so. He. Bisexual. And i. Didnt. Know can. H he. Still. Apply. For citzenship. Without. Me. Or. Dad his. Sponsers. Or. Do. We. Do with. Him or would he be sent. Back. And. What. Happens to. Him. and. Us. Were both ill. Dad. With altizmers. And. Me. Cancer

  225. keith singh says:

    United States needs to make laws easy for American citizens married over seas from six to eighth months to 90 days. Especially when you are a American citizen for over ten years and the entire famaly is in the United states for over fourteen years.

  226. Liseth says:

    My sister came to the US seeling asylum, she was denied and oredered removal, and I think she was given a 5 year bar. She left a year after she was ordered to do so. This was over 10 years now, she has never returned or applied for anything with the US. She would like to come to the US as a non-immigrant (tourisim) Would she be to apoly for a tourist visa in her situation? Does she need to seek some kind of pardon first? What are her chances of being able ti reenter the US?

  227. ISABEL says:

    If a get my fingerprints taken for school purpose can immigration get a hold of them and deport me?

  228. Dolores says:

    I married my ex husband in Ju

  229. nicky says:

    i have a b2 visa as a tourist, i have filed for my change of status bfore my over stayed but i have not receive any positive response, and i have over stayed now, i came in april 2015 nd i filed for change of status in august, but no positive answer, and i was married in my country bfore coming but while i was here my husband died in my country. thus that stop me from getting re-marry in us. and what is gonna happen if eventually my change of status is denied, can i still marry in us.

  230. Lesandra says:


    My us citizen brother married a girl from overseas, he meat her on facebook and fell in love, he brought her here in usa on k1 visa , and then applied for the green card, right before her green card came he caught her talking to a guy from where she is from, and confronted her, she got mad and admitted that she only married him for his papers, and she left the country without yet reviving her green card, and my brother filed for divorce right away. So 8 months later the divorce has not been finalized because they cant find her to serve her , so 8 months later she comes back to america under false pretenses that she is still with him and uses his sponsorship without his knowledge, plus she is living in a completely different state,
    How does he go about this? What do we do?

  231. Monica Fuente says:

    My fiance came to the USA in 2005 with a work permit for 6 months it’ expired and he left in airplane back to Mexico when it expired And he came back illegali in 2006??he has no criminal history I’m a nurse, he is very hard working man and supports me and my son which my son is not his son ? I’m a us citizen born in the us. Is there a possibility that when I marry him that he can fix for a visa or green card through me ? He does his taxes yearly ?

  232. roguexgirl says:

    Do you know if an F1 student with an expired visa and a form I130 filed by a relative can travel to the Bahamas and still eligible for the visa automatic revalidation?

  233. Nadlie says:

    I’m a U.S citizen and I applied for my brother for immigrant visa in January 2005 and I got approved and I’m waiting to get in line but he wasn’t married at that time I applied for him and my question is what we should do for his wife to come to us with her husband

  234. Lakesha says:

    My husband and are getting a divorce. He is a non citizenship and I want to know will he be able to travel back to his home country if the adjustment status is denied? His visa is still current except for the departure date has passed.

  235. Alex martinez says:

    Hi I was deported for ten year bar and its been twelve since I being back in Honduras I also did nine years in the army my mother reapplyed for me last year how long does it take usic to process thank you

  236. Karla says:

    My husbands grandma passed away he has been here for 4 years and we have a baby were planning on going to Mexico but we’re not sure if when crossing back to the US if they’ll let him.

  237. vafalay says:

    I have a question, my fiance is a born American citizen and I am a green card holder been in the us for over 6 years haven’t filed my citizenship yet. But I’m planning to very soon. We are getting married soon and my parents live in Africa. My question is, is it possible for us both to sent my dad an invitation for a visiting visa to come and attend the wedding just so I have at least one of my parents at my wedding?

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