About Edward Young, III, Esq.

Highly accomplished Harvard attorney with more than 25 years of experience in administrative, regulatory and public policy law; corporate management, compliance, reorganization; and complex litigation.  Extensive, successful experience in immigration law, negotiating complex, high profile mergers; drafting contracts, legislation, and regulations; and obtaining regulatory approvals, particularly for new services. Has earned a reputation as a consensus builder, even in highly contested markets or among political rivals. Successful career characterized by senior executive, legal and public policy positions. Member, District of Columbia Bar.

For more immigration information, go to www.edylaw.com .

To contact Edward Young, email eyoung3@edylaw.com or call (830) 491-8556.


One Response to About Edward Young, III, Esq.

  1. Mohamed Eid says:

    Can I apply for FAFSA with prima facie determination PFD? Whats the I360 processing time?shall I apply AOS concurrently with I360?

    I entered the US on January 2013 on student visa F1..get married on September 2013 from USC .I filled I130, I485 and I765 on November 2013 and received work authorization in mail on January 2014..my ex spouse withdraw the I130 before the interview on March 2014..I filled VAWA before the AOS interview and asked the USCIS to cancel my I485..I am wondering if I can apply for Financial aid to go to school if I received PFD or not? I didn’t file I485 nor I765 with the I360..do you recommend to file I485 and I765 now or wait? what are the processing times to get decision on the I360?

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